A Message from CEO Eric Lucas

As I participated in the annual SELF rate setting and renewal process over the past two months or so, it became clearly apparent that the reinsurance market’s view of SELF has changed.  That view has changed in the sense that it reflects the evolvement of the organization and the membership over the past five years.  The focus of the members has been and remains on training, loss control and claims management – the fundamentals of the business.  When a catastrophic loss occurs, the member joins with SELF to determine the best path to handle and reach ultimate resolution of that member’s claim.  This team approach and the results have certainly made a further, positive impression on the reinsurance market.

As a result, eight reinsurers sought various levels of participation in the 2014/15 SELF program.  This “competition” can only result in a positive outcome for the SELF membership and also caused the incumbent partners to sharpen their pencils to remain in the program.  As SELF puts the finishing touches on the 2014/15 renewal, the SELF membership will enjoy an expanded Core Program, from $20m to $25m x $5m at no further contribution cost to the membership.  Further, the SELF Optional Excess Liability coverage has moved to a single limit of $25m.  That consolidation of the former Optional Excess I and II comes at a significant contribution reduction of approximately 30%.

So starting July 1, 2014, SELF members have the opportunity to increase their coverage to $55m ground up.  Also, SELF continues to discuss with the market the opportunity to seek higher limits for the membership.

With the current state of increasing costs in settling claims and the potential for juries to award large verdicts, the SELF Board has taken the step in assuring adequate coverage for its membership by aggressively expanding the Core Program.  This proactive action on the part of the Board further recognizes the foundational change in the way SELF is handling its business and the fundamentals that are being addressed by the membership. 
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Want higher limits than our basic core coverage? Check out our Optional Excess Liability Coverage -- Always Affordable & Always Optional. Now offering limits to $55 Million*(inclusive of SIR). Fill out an applicaton or contact our office today for more information!

NEW INDUCTEE! Visit the SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse and check out this valuable resource available to SELF Members. Our newest inductee is InjureFREE Athletic Injury Reporting System.

Do you have a superior risk management solution that you would like to share with the membership? Contact our office with details.

SELF Resource Center - Has tons of free risk management resources and training tools for our members. Check out the recordings of our most recent Good Schools Workshop Webinars "Special Education Issues and School District Liability: Transportation Liability - Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Students"; Special Education and School District Liability: Litigation War Stores and the Lessons We Learn From Them"; "Protecting Our Children: Recognizing the Signs of 'Grooming"" and "Exploring Your SELF Resource Center". Don't have a log-in? Click here to learn how to make one!


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