A Message from CEO Eric Lucas

The headlines from recent stories that affect school districts have been alarming.  From the bus crash on I-5, that likely will result in multiple, large dollar settlements to the recent Moraga School District sex abuse settlements, it has become quite apparent that school districts in California must remain vigilant in handling their risk exposures.

If the risk is similar to the set of facts in the transportation incident cited above, securing appropriate defense and indemnity language in the transportation contract; securing high limits from the transportation vendor; and being designated as a “Named Insured” on that vendor’s liability policy are but a few of the basic principles to adhere to and make sure you “check off” your risk management to do list when dealing with such an exposure.

In the media every week we read of or hear of cases similar to the $14 million Moraga SD headline.  While the initial reaction certainly should be one of empathy for the victims, a district must also consider whether their own policies and procedures regarding training, reporting, etc. are up to date; being applied via training and adhered to by all district employees. 

Certainly, these types of stories reflect a lack of adherence to in- place policy(ies); the possible lack of, or lax oversight of an employee; the failure to take a parent’s complaint with the appropriate tone of seriousness and concern, and then the possible failure to follow up appropriately on a complaint. 

With thousands of students going through California schools each year, the events discussed here are few and far between in occurrence.  However, when these events do occur, they do make the headlines.  As a result, these experiences should serve as a wakeup call to make sure all risk professionals are tuned into what is happening today and prevent the mindset of “this would never happen to my district.”                     

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