A Message from CEO Eric Lucas

I recently participated in a town hall type discussion on issues facing schools in California.  Many issues were discussed throughout the day including catastrophic losses and how can districts be prepared.  Obviously, no matter how much training or loss control is undertaken, events do occur as is evidenced by what we see in the media weekly if not almost every day.
The question asked of me focused on limits of coverage and what is considered adequate.  The examples of losses discussed convinced all who participated that the liability landscape for schools in California regarding settlements and verdicts is one of deep valleys and even deeper canyons.

To avoid these hazards, the discussion focused on how to be prepared for a catastrophic liability event from an adequate liability limits standpoint.  I suggested that they look around the state and see what is happening to their colleagues. – take the highest dollar case as to verdict or published settlement and ask yourself this question – if this was my district, is our insurance structure adequate to handle the loss?

That same question is one that the SELF Board asks and discusses with our reinsurers at all points of the year but particularly in the spring when the renewal process for the coming policy year is under way.  The SELF Optional Excess Liability (OEL) offering provides $25m in coverage over and above the SELF core program.  If you participate in the SELF OEL, your coverage ground up is $55 million.  Many of our members realized in 2014/15 that the OEL would provide them the financial security to handle a catastrophic event.  As a result, the enrollment in that offering doubled to nearly half of the SELF membership.   We expect to see another jump in enrollment for the coming 2015/16 program year as well.

SELF, along with our insurance broker, is always exploring what the market has to offer with regard to higher liability limits.  As the insurance professionals, it is our responsibility to our members to provide the opportunity to purchase limits that will allow the financial security to navigate the liability landscape of California.

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