As a statewide joint powers authority, SELF holds a unique position that allows it access to a wide variety of educational entities across the state.  With an eye on claim trends, SELF can direct its members to certain products or services that may be beneficial to promoting safety and loss prevention.

The SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse provides endorsement of approved products that further the interests of SELF and the quality of education and/or environment for students and staff.

SELF evaluates risk and safety related products suggested by vendors, members or others to determine if inclusion in SELF’s clearinghouse is appropriate based upon the following five key qualities:

  • Safety - In the opinion of the SELF staff, the product may improve safety for students, staff and public.

  • Cost effective – Value and affordability.

  • Operational considerations – In the opinion of SELF staff, no operational concerns were observed.

  • Preferred arrangement available to SELF members when possible.

  • In the opinion of SELF staff, the selected product or service shows an alignment with SELF’s core values and goals.

*Inclusion of a product or service in the SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation for any particular provider.

Products are reviewed annually by staff to ensure that qualifications for inclusion in the Clearinghouse are still being met.

SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse Members

SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse