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Reports of sexual abuse and molestation (SAM) incidences within California public schools continue to increase as litigated award levels are skyrocketing. This troubling trend, coupled with the ramifications within AB 218, underscores the need to maximize student and employee safety and foster public confidence.

In an effort to support our members we have worked in collaboration with Schools Excess Liability Fund (SELF), our excess liability provider, combining our respective resources easily accessed and centrally located. Schools implementing sound risk management strategies create a safer environment for their students while mitigating the chance of costly litigation. Our goal is to offer a road map to a safer school environment for all our members. 

We strongly encourage our members to consider taking advantage of any or all of the available services offered. If you have any questions, please contact us; we would love to hear from you.

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Product/Service Providers
Making Right Choices
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Our goal is to improve your organization’s ability to protect students, employees, and all stakeholders against the risk of harm. We assist your organization in “Making Right Choices” when faced with both everyday and unusual challenges. Our clients thus are better prepared to Recognize, Respond, Report, and finally Resolve conflicts.


NASDTEC (National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification) is a professional membership organization representing state departments of education and professional standards boards/commissions that are responsible for the preparation, licensure, and discipline of K-12 educational personnel.


Praesidium exists “to help you protect those in your care from abuse and to help preserve trust in your organization.” We have designed this site as a resource and look forward to continuing the abuse prevention conversation with you.

Community Matters

Our mission is to equip and empower students and adults to create schools and communities that are safe, welcoming and inclusive.


US Dept of Education - Educator Sexual Misconduct
What school staff need to know and do 
Media Relations 101
News conference Guidelines
Preventing SAM Claims
Five step checklist

Free online training and risk management platform available to all active SELF members

Best Practices

AB 218
CEO Dave George discusses the significant impact schools will see from the new law AB 218 as well as links to additional information and resources.

Effective policies and procedures for prevention and mitigation of SAM claims 

Media Holding Statements
Example best practice examples for various scenarios.

Responding on Social Media
Guidance on responding via Social Media