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InjureFREE Athletic Injury Reporting System

InjureFree™ is a hosted enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) – providing secure communications and record sharing for care team coordination, transitional care, and injury care management.

InjureFree™ is designed to engage students and family caregivers to stay on track with their recovery and care plan. Care teams receive real-time data alerts and notifications to inform health decisions and encourage collaboration. InjureFree™ is optimizing care models and empowering medical-grade care beyond the walls and file cabinets of doctors’ offices and into the schools.

Concussion Care Management In The Spotlight

Local communities are coordinating their efforts to manage pediatric concussions:

  • State mandated concussion education laws are now a part of athletic participation

  • Return-to-Play or Return-to-School protocols are now part of every school system

  • States require documented physician clearance and coach education

The InjureFree™ Care Coordination Platform activates students and caregivers to engage and stay on track with their concussion recovery care plan. Care teams receive reliable, real-time data alerts and notifications to inform health decisions and encourage collaboration.  Administrators are able to educate their staff with built in concussion education training and monitor individual compliance.

InjureFree™ enables injured children to be managed across care settings with an unprecedented level of personalization and security. Our cloud-based platform offers reliable, secure data capture and sharing with virtually any system or portal. InjureFree is bridging the care gap from the hospital to the school and home.

For more information, visit or call 1 (866) 591-2747. 

About the Agency for Student Health Research -

Founded in 2010, the Agency for Student Health Research had a vision of how technology could improve medical care for young athletes. Today it provide the tools for injury care and prevention within youth populations.

Through its unique injury management and care coordination platform InjureFree™, A4SHR is providing health systems, educational institutions, athletic organizations and community health groups a mobile health solution for the future. Its innovative software allows secure and reliable sharing, transmission, and storage of health information. By centralizing communication between caregivers, A4SHR helps its customers develop informed care solutions for their community.

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