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IRITRANS® Safety & Security System

IRITRANS® "Gives new meaning to no children left behind."

Student transportation involves a lot of moving parts and can be a source of a district's greatest risk exposure. Each year there are numerous reports of students getting on the wrong bus, getting off at the wrong bus stop, failing to return home from field trips or even worse, not getting off the bus at all -- in some cases with fatal consequences.

The IRITRANS® Safety and Security System provides school districts a tool to manage that risk and keep students safe. IRITRANS is a ground-breaking biometric solution that is nonintrusive and employs the highest levels of ID security. It was developed primarily to address special needs transportation issues because those children are most at risk and other options previously available were found to be unreliable. The system provides school districts with instantaneous bus locations via GPS technology and the specific identity of all students on board. Each student is scanned with a handheld iris scanner when boarding or exiting the bus. The scan takes only one to two seconds per student and provides the district with tracking history reports for each child and if the district chooses, the system can also provide parents with notifications via text message when their child boards or exits the school bus.

All student data is encrypted and securely stored and is not retrievable from the handheld device if it's lost or stolen. The equipment is leased to a district for a three-year term, allowing for ongoing upgrades and improvements and eliminating the need for a capital expenditure. 

Active SELF members will receive an exclusive 10% discount off the lease of the system.

More than a decade of research and development went into the handheld IRITRANS system to help schools keep students safe. For more information about IRITRANS, please contact Iritrak Corporation at 1-888-643-0186 or visit the IRITRANS website at

About Iritrak 

Iritrak Corporation is a software development company based in Palm Desert, California. The core mission of Iritrak is student safety and security during daily school transportation operations.

The company has been researching and developing various prototypes of biometric technology for this specific application, including finger biometric technology, for more than 15 years in order to develop an ideal solution for the real-time tracking of students and school buses. With the latest in iris biometric technology and previous beta testing with finger biometrics, IRITRANS has exceeded all expectations. 

President/CEO John DeVries has more than 30 years of senior telecommunications business and marketing management experience in corporate applications.

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