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MakingRightChoices partners with educational institutions to help promote a healthy learning environment for students and those who serve them.

MRC training courses increase awareness through an approach that enhances risk management and prevention. Its courses are developed through community participation and academic based research involving respected subject matter experts and stake holder groups. MRC training emphasizes both the risk factors and the actions that protect employees and others. Most of the courses assist mandated reporters in recognizing conduct that is crossing the line.

The majority of MRC's engaging and practical courses are delivered online; however, national subject matter experts and instructors are also available for presentations or workshops. During instruction they use realistic scenarios to assist in the application of ethics, boundary awareness and identifying "red flags" that suggest potential trouble.


Active SELF members will receive an exclusive 5% discount from MRC. MRC has pulled together a team, many of them volunteers, to assist you in implementation of our courses both in terms of the logistics and the politics involved in adopting courses. For more information contact either Glenn S. Lipson, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. (858) 759-1848.

MRC is also offering free California AB 1432 Mandated Reporting Training

AB 1432, signed by Governor Brown in 2014, requires educational agencies to annually train all employees who are mandated reporters on the mandated reporting requirements and provide proof that training has been completed within the first six weeks of the school year or the first six weeks of employment for a new hire. MRC has adapted a PowerPoint slide deck put together by the Chadwick Center, with an accompanying audio track, to meet this requirement.

This training is now available in the SELF Resource Center at no cost for active SELF members! You must notify CDE that you are using an alternative to the Department of Social Services AB1432 training found on the CDE website. Click here for a form you can fill out and submit to CDE.

MRC hopes to utilize this mandate as an opportunity to bring in other prevention topics that share in common the need to file mandate reports, such as cyber bullying, sexual misconduct and more. MRC is willing and able to assist SELF's members in these types of efforts if so desired.


About MakingRightChoices - 

MRC’s founder and CEO is Board certified Forensic Psychologist (ABPP) Dr. Glenn Lipson. As an expert witness, therapist, public speaker and professor he has discussed damages, bullying, trauma, violence, prevention, ethics and cyber threats. He emphasizes both the dark and the brighter sides of interpersonal relationships at work, school and in the home. He recently developed remediation online courses for the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification.

Dr. Lipson is a Program Director at Alliant International University, the California School of Forensic Psychology, San Diego Campus.

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