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SAVE THE DATE - SELF will be conducting a session at the annual CASBO Conference in Palm Springs on March 30. Join us for "Everything They Don't Tell You When They Put You in Charge of District Risk Management" at 4:15 p.m. in Mesquite C at the Palm Springs Convention Center.


Looking for a training option that meets the California AB 1432 Mandated Reporter Training requirements? We have an option for you, free of charge for all active members and located in the SELF Resource Center. For more information click here or contact our office at info@selfjpa.org. To report your choice of training to CDE please download this form.



NEW INDUCTEE! The SELF Board approved the induction of a new service into the SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse in June. The NASDTEC Clearinghouse, a searchable national database that provides an alert regarding individuals who have had their professional educator certificates/licenses annulled, denied, suspended, revoked or otherwise invalidated. Check back soon for more information and visit the SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse to see all the valuable tools and resources vetted by the Board for SELF Members.


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A Message from SELF CEO Dave George


We are talking a lot lately with our members, and the school community in general, about the challenging times we’re facing in insurance for public entities and weathering a hardening market in the reinsurance business as a result.   Wild fires, large jury awards and increases in litigation overall are the forces creating these challenges. This year, there was a two-fold challenge of both property and liability insurance.  As we move from summer to fall, California law makers are pushing through proposals that significantly have either created or exacerbated those challenges.  One of those proposals is AB 218 and if passed, will singularly be the biggest financial challenge for public schools.


This affects self-insurance pools in two ways.  The first is the litigation that comes from incidents that are alleged to have occurred at any time in SELF’s history, so in our case as far back as 1986.  The second is the reaction of the insurance partners that continue to support our overall risk financing and are integral to us keeping your insurance costs as consistent as possible.  That reaction is their view of a jurisdiction’s respect for the rule of law.  When a jurisdiction treats the rule of law as flexible and creates or makes changes to laws that are retroactive in nature, it creates an unreliable business climate.  That unreliable approach to the rule of law creates volatility for schools because insurers limit what they will cover in California, including whether to continue to provide coverage at all.   Those costs will then be borne directly by all California schools.

This is not just an effect going forward, but historically as well.  The change in the legal landscape will result in costs that were unforeseen when we set rates for previous program years.  Those were based on sound actuarial analysis, true at the time they were made.   But costs going back as far as our inception 33 years ago will need to be accounted for in today’s budgets and we may need to collect additional contributions from our schools – from current general fund dollars. 

We are working on your behalf here at SELF to help our lawmakers understand the repercussions of decisions they make in this area.  We do this as part of coalition efforts, with the public entity pooling community statewide, and through our own direct legislative efforts.  We encourage you to be involved with your local lawmakers for the same purpose. 

Regardless of the outcome of those efforts, the role and purpose of SELF remains strong and consistent.  Our motto of “By Schools, For Schools” couldn’t be more true today.  We will always have financial protection of schools as our sole focus and purpose.  That financial protection we offer allows you to then focus on your key mission; California’s next generation. 

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