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Bridg-it School Safety & Wellness Platform

A technology based solution that effectively attacks the most intractable problems facing kids today – violence in schools, online bullying, ostracism and identity threats, pressure to fit in and stand out – the Bridg-it School Safety & Wellness platform allows administrators to identify issues before it’s too late and deploy the right restorative resources necessary for successful early intervention.

Bridg-it School provides a private, social safety network that gives everyone in a school community the ability to easily and effectively communicate at-risk-behaviors, streamline the incident management process for administrators and provide reduced risk in schools.

The platform is both an app and web based and can be accessed by students, teachers and parents in the language they are most comfortable in. It offers school communities a digital resource center that contains thousands of curated restorative resources, providing the ability to practice positive digital behavior leading to social and emotional growth in students. As the platform is used, school administrators can access its behavioral analytics features to determine where issues have arisen, identify outliers in need, map behavioral trends and measure the efficacy of the restorative solutions that have been deployed, leading to best practices and a quantifiable improvement in students’ lives.

Bridg-it’s platform technology represents the next generation in school safety systems.

Active SELF members will receive a 5% discount on the total cost of the Bridg-it system. For more information, please contact the Bridg-it team at or by email at

About Bridg-it LLC

Along with a multi-disciplinary team of educators, psychologists, tech and legal experts, founder and CEO Jeff Ervine used his experience in the technology and financial risk management industries to develop Bridg-it School, the first turnkey end-to-end solution for student safety and wellness, in 2015. Bridg-it’s team truly believes that community sourcing behavioral data in a safe, thoughtful way, to both identify and educate, will reduce the risk of tragedy in any community.  Studies show that more than 80% of all instances of bullying and harassment are witnessed by one or more bystanders. Bridg-it’s platform reduces the communication risk for both the target and the bystander, and provides a safe, secure and documented channel of communication for all members of a school community.

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