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SELF Underwriting Renewal Forms

Access links to the Annual Underwriting Renewal Forms for the Excess Liability Program will be sent out via e-mail Friday, August 6 and will be due September 7.

This link was provided in the e-mail that was sent to your district/agency's representative, along with the User-Id that will be required to log into the form and access your prior year information. Please update any information that has changed, answer any new questions and submit your completed form by September 7, 2021. If this is the first year you are receiving this form, you will need to fill it out in its entirety.

If you need assistance with your renewal form, are in need of your User-Id or your district's link, or have any questions please contact Jessica Vega, SELF's Member Services Specialist at 916-469-3209 or by email at

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