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Excess Liability Claims Reporting

Claims Reporting Procedures

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All claims presented against SELF's coverage are administrated in-house by SELF staff. Occurrence reports, formally filed claims, and lawsuits served upon SELF members must be reported within 60 days to:

Jimmy Rowe, Director of Claims
Schools Excess Liability Fund 
1531 "I" Street, Ste 300 
Sacramento, CA 95814 
(916) 469-3208, fax (916) 469-3278


If they involve any of the following:

  • Permanent brain or neurological damage/trauma

  • Head or brain injuries resulting in permanent disorientation, behavior disorders, personality changes, seizures, aphasia or coma 

  • Death 

  • Paraplegia, quadriplegia, or paralysis 

  • Spine or back injuries 

  • Major cosmetic disfigurement 

  • 2nd or 3rd degree burns over more than 25% of body 

  • Loss of limb, sight, speech, hearing or other sense 

  • Libel, slander or defamation of character 

  • Molestation, sexual assault or rape 

  • Multiple-injury occurrences, including those involving students 

  • Any Class Action  Lawsuit

  • Title 42, United States Code Section 1983 cases in which a complaint has been served and the plaintiff is represented by legal counsel 

  • Title VII (Title 42, United States Code Section 2000e, et seq.) cases in which a complaint has been served and the plaintiff is represented by legal counsel 

  • Claims of Employment Practices Liability 

  • Any medical services furnished at a facility maintained by the Covered Party principally for the benefit or convenience and use by the Covered Party's employees and/or students 

  • Civil Code §51, any claim filed under the UNRUH civil rights act

  • Any claim which carries an exposure of an award of Plaintiff's Attorney fees

  • Any other serious bodily injury


In addition to the above, it is the responsibility of the members to ensure that the adjuster reports any claims which are reserved in excess of $250,000, or with a full value of over $750,000 regardless of liability.

Should a member question whether or not to report a specific occurrence or claim to SELF, he or she should contact the SELF office for assistance.

When reporting claims of the types detailed above, the online SELF Initial Report Form should be used and any and all pertinent documentation in the member's possession should be attached to the form..

At SELF's election and expense, SELF has the right to participate with you in the settlement, defense or appeal of any claim, suit, judgment, or proceeding which might involve an exposure to SELF. Per the Agreement, Bylaws, and Memorandum of Coverage of your joining SELF, you have agreed not to make any voluntary settlement involving loss to SELF without the written consent of the appropriate SELF representative. Please read SELF's Claim Management Policy Statement for more information.

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