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SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse

As a statewide joint powers authority, SELF holds a unique position that allows it access to a wide variety of educational entities across the state.  With an eye on claim trends, SELF can direct its members to certain superior products or services that may be beneficial to promoting safety and loss prevention.


The SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse provides endorsement of approved products that further the interests of SELF and the quality of education and/or environment for students and staff.


SELF evaluates risk and safety related products suggested by vendors, members or others to determine if inclusion in SELF’s clearinghouse is appropriate based upon the following five key qualities:


  • Measurable results  - improves safety for students, staff and public

  • Cost effective – value and affordability

  • Evaluation of operation – quality, qualified management

  • Preferred arrangement available to SELF members when possible

  • Alignment with SELF’s core values and goals


*Inclusion of a product or service in the SELF Risk Services Clearinghouse should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation for any particular provider.

Safe School
Ambassadors® Program

The Safe School Ambassadors® program (SSA) is an evidence-based, student centered approach that wakes up the courage of social leaders from the diverse student groups and cliques on campus and equips them with nonviolent communication and intervention skills to stop bullying and violence among their peers. The SSA program is included in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices, and has been shown in an independent study to reduce student suspensions by 33%.

MakingRightChoices Educator Sexual Misconduct Training partners with educational institutions to help promote a healthy learning environment for students and those who serve them.


MRC training courses increase awareness through an approach that enhances risk management and prevention. Its courses are developed through community participation and academic based research involving respected subject matter experts and stake holder groups. MRC training emphasizes both the risk factors and the actions that protect employees and others. Most of the courses assist mandated reporters in recognizing conduct that is crossing the line.

Injure Free Athletic Injury Reporting System​

InjureFree™ is a hosted enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) – providing secure communications and record sharing for care team coordination, transitional care, and injury care management.


InjureFree™ is designed to engage students and family caregivers to stay on track with their recovery and care plan. Care teams receive real-time data alerts and notifications to inform health decisions and encourage collaboration. InjureFree™ is optimizing care models and empowering medical-grade care beyond the walls and file cabinets of doctors’ offices and into the schools.

Praesidium Abuse Prevention Policy Services

Sound policies provide the foundation for a safe environment. They tell your employees and volunteers what is and is not acceptable; they set your tolerance levels; and they can protect you if you face litigation. But are your policies doing their job? Do they address such ever-changing issues as whether your employees can communicate with students via text message, social networking sites or after normal school/work hours? Do they set limits on when and how employees or volunteers can demonstrate affection toward students?​

IRITRANS® Safety & Security System

Student transportation involves a lot of moving parts and can be a source of a district's greatest risk exposure. Each year there are numerous reports of students getting on the wrong bus, getting off at the wrong bus stop, failing to return home from field trips or even worse, not getting off the bus at all -- in some cases with fatal consequences.

STOPit Education Solutions

The STOPit mobile and Web applications provide a safe, anonymous and comfortable way for students and staff to share information with school administrators so you can provide help – as quickly and efficiently as possible.

STOPit includes an Incident Management System, with powerful investigative tools – such as real-time alerts, built-in reports, and the ability to communicate directly with incident submitters – so you can resolve issues quickly and improve the investigative process. STOPit allows schools to provide proper documentation about an incident if needed and to escalate an incident to a school resource officer, drug counselor or law enforcement agency, etc.

NASDTEC LEA Educator Identification Clearinghouse

The Educator Identification Clearinghouse is a searchable national database that provides an alert regarding individuals who have had their professional educator certificates/licenses annulled, denied, suspended, revoked or otherwise invalidated.   

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