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Data Collection 2022

Annually, SELF collects claims information from members for the liability actuarial study. The studies provide the Board with valuable trending information and funding options. Each SELF member is required to provide loss reporting information to SELF. The loss information provides the actuary with a complete picture of SELF's exposures from which to determine future rates.

SELF's timetable for the project:

  • Request data from GL members: Members Attaching at $1M = June 29  -  Members Attaching at $5M = June 30

  • Request data from WC members: No WC collection this year

  • Deadline for GL data submission to SELF: Members Attaching at $1M = July 15  -  Members Attaching at $5M = July 29

  • Deadline for WC data submission to SELF:  No WC collection this year

*Members who do not submit COMPLETE AND USABLE data to SELF by the deadline above will be charged 20% of their current year's invoice unless prior arrangements have been made with SELF staff. 


Please click on the button below when your district or TPA is ready to submit your data.

Please note:
Paper loss runs and/or Adobe Acrobat files are not acceptable



If you have misplaced your password, or are in need of a copy of the data specifications, please eMail us at



Templates are also available here for the specifications SELF is now utilizing:


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