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Praesidium Abuse Prevention Policy Services

Sound policies provide the foundation for a safe environment. They tell your employees and volunteers what is and is not acceptable; they set your tolerance levels; and they can protect you if you face litigation. But are your policies doing their job? Do they address such ever-changing issues as whether your employees can communicate with students via text message, social networking sites or after normal school/work hours? Do they set limits on when and how employees or volunteers can demonstrate affection toward students?

Praesidium can provide SELF members with a model set of policies to address the unique abuse risks in the school setting. Alternatively, Praesidium can conduct an extensive review of your existing policies to determine what works, what needs fine tuning and what is missing. The next step in the review process is working to develop policies that permit you to accomplish your mission while prohibiting behaviors most commonly associated with abuse in the types of programs you operate. For each policy, Praesidium will provide an educationally sound rationale to help everyone in your organization understand its importance and comply with its implementation. 

Active SELF members will receive an exclusive 5% discount on policy services as well as all Praesidium's other services.


Hundreds of schools across the country are using Praesidium's abuse prevention services to help keep students safe. For more information about how Praesidium can help your school, please contact Praesidium at 1-800-743-6354 or visit the Praesidium website at


Sample Policies

About Praesidium 

As the national leader in abuse risk management, for the past two decades Praesidium has served more than 4,000 clients in the United States and eleven other countries. Praesidium offers a full range of risk management and loss control services, all with a singular purpose: to reduce the risk that a child or vulnerable adult will be abused by an employee, volunteer or another child.

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